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Drabble Fix

a multifandom drabble community

your weekly drabble fix
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multifandom drabble challenge
This is a multifandom drabble writing community. Every week a mod will post a prompt, to which you respond in exactly 100 words.

1. All responses must be exactly 100 words.
2. Anyone may respond to the prompts.
3. You must post your response before the due date, late responses will not be accepted.
4. Responses may relate to any fandom.
5. You may post your response directly to the comm behind a cut, or with a link to your own journal.
6. All ratings are accepted, however all content of an explicit nature must be noted and put behind a cut.
7. Please include the following tags in your entries: prompt #x, fandom: x, rating, your author tag
8. Use the following header when posting:

9. This is a multifandom community, so please no fandom/character/ship hate.
10. Do not repost any content from this community to any other social networking site, such as but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.

If you have a suggestion for a prompt, please send it to deadcellredux, they are always welcome!


1. I’m not a member, can I respond to the challenge?
No, you must join the comm if you want to post to it. We don’t bite (unless you ask us to).

2. Do I post my response directly to the comm?
You may, or you can post your response in your own journal and link to it.

3. My fandom hasn’t been written yet, am I allowed to write it?
Of course! Go to the fandom tag request post to request a tag for a new fandom, or simply state in your post that you’d like one.

4. Can I write the same fandom every time?
If you would like to, sure. You can write for as few or as many fandoms as you want.

5. Are crossovers/AUs allowed?

6. Is RPF allowed?
No. Fictional fandoms only, please.

7. How do I get an author tag?
Go to the author tag request post and ask for one. Or, in your first post to the comm, state that you are new and would like an author tag.

8. Can my response be 98 words, or 102 words?
No, your response must be exactly 100 words. I will be using a word count tool if I see a suspicious post. This is a challenge comm, you can do it!

9. How long do I have to post a response? What if I’m late?
You have until midnight (your time) on the due date. Late submissions will not be accepted.

10. I don’t like this week’s prompt, do I have to write?
You do not have to post a response every single week to remain a member of the comm. If you don’t like a prompt tough cookies you can always pm the mod and request a prompt to be used!

11. Did you steal this idea?
I don’t steal, because I am an upstanding citizen. However, this comm was inspired by lost_in_108 and the idea was used with permission by the mods of that lovely comm.

12. I don’t know anyone here and it makes me sad.
That makes me sad, too! Go to the introduction post and get to know your fellow members!

Happy drabbling!